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RL1100 Super 1050 CP2000 CNC Tool Head

RL1100 Super 1050 CP2000 CNC Tool Head

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This tool head which is made out of A36 Steel with a black oxide coating, to fit the Dillon Super 1050, RL1100, and CP2000 is a great alternative to OEM tool heads withs its superior design, materials, and features.

Most notably, the threaded hole above the priming station allows the use of a FW Arms Dynamic Primer Hold Down Die in conjunction with their new PrimeTime system for reliable, accurate primer seating.

A 1/4" wide adjustable case feed cam resists wear and allows the user to fine-tune the case feed plunger travel.

The primer seating adjustment is lockable preventing unwanted movement in primer depth.

We have also made this compatible with the Ammobot Case Extractor, as well as multiple other aftermarket accessories.

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