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100 Round 300 AAC Blackout Case Gauge

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100 Round 300 AAC Blackout Case Gauge

These uniquely designed 100 Round ammo gauges are used to check loaded ammunition, giving you the ability to check your factory ammunition or reloads against a SAAMI spec chamber. This allows you to check brass sizing, headspace, bullet seating, and crimping all with one gauge 50 rounds at a time.  The layout of these gauges have been designed to work many standard 50 round plastic trays. A perfect way to check your ammo or factory ammo.

Technical Information:

  • Material: 6061 Aluminum
  • Features: Precision machined chambers
  • Caliber: 300AAC



  • This is a one-piece, non-adjustable gauge for checking factory and re-loaded ammunition to ensure fit in firearms chambers
  • Used to compare cartridges against the Minimum SAAMI chamber dimensions.



  • Drop a loaded round into the gauge. If the round enters the gauge easily and fits flush with the top of the block the round will fit in the guns chamber.

When you’re hand-loading ammunition, there has never really been a good way to check that all of the dimensions are correct. Sure you can grab your calipers and check every dimension of every finished round, but that’s time consuming and inefficient.  That’s where this gauge comes in handy.

The concept is simple: this gauge mimics a chamber and lets you double check that all of the dimensions are correct. The barrel end of the gauge is calibrated to ensure the proper COL of a loaded bullet. The breech end has markings that let you check that the shoulder is in the right position. And the open design allows you to visually inspect whether your hand-rolled round has any imperfections that might cause an issue.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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